Production Facility

We have our own production and assembling facilities with over 200 experienced staff in Shenzhen, China. Our facilities meet rigorous international quality standards (i.e. ISO 9001, Q-Mark, etc) and are annually audited by our international customers like Swatch Group. Our workers are educated, certified and managed by both Western and Asian watch manufacturing specialists.

From assembling to final quality control, every stage of the manufacturing process takes place within our factory where we can safeguard the highest standard of production.

We have an extensive range of quality control machinery and equipment. We are fully equipped and perform stringent quality inspections to every single watch part in all stages of the production process. This ensures that we only use high quality materials and parts to assemble the final end product. Before delivering the final product, we further conduct rigorous quality tests for accuracy, reliability and water resistance by three separate quality control teams.

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Quality Control and Operations