From start to finish, we can offer bespoke services for your brand. With more than 30 years of experience in design, R&D and watch engineering, we are accustomed to offering efficient solutions to demanding requirements. We can quickly turn creative ideas into real collections of high quality watches. The same keen attention to detail and customer service is devoted to every step of our services.

Our comprehensive services include:

Step 1

Watch Design

2D design and drawings: Our experienced team of designers attend international watch trade shows annually and are exceptionally up-to-date with the current market trends.   We can offer trendy designs and give practical solutions on how to achieve your desired look for your brand.

3D technical diagrams: Our in-house engineering team will calculate the best construction of every component to achieve your final approved design

3D drawings & printing: we can produce 3D drawings for your approve design and even offer a 3D printed prototype

Step 2

Fast and accurate prototyping

  • Prototypes are made following all specs and details of approved watch designs
  • Revisions and improvements to prototypes will be made until final approval of all details
Step 3

Production & Certification

  • Whole watch assembling or Swiss watch kits preparation
  • Quality control & inspection during every stage of production
  • Assist in obtaining product certifications (i.e. RoHS and REACH compliance)
  • Work with your designated 3rd party quality control agent (i.e. SGS or HKPC)
Step 4

Final delivery & Distribution

  • Individualised packing and sorting of complete watches
  • Work with and deliver to your designated logistics provider
  • 1 year warranty for all after sales services for all manufacturing defects including case polishing, re-plating and general repairs, etc.